10 X 12 Gazebo For A Cozy Reading Room

10×12 Gazebo Bar

The sitting area in the garden should have a canopy so you can enjoy your free time on cooler or rainy days. For this purpose, a number of constructions are offered. Particularly interesting is the garden in the 10 x 12 gazebo as a roof , which we would like to introduce to you here. It is a construction reminiscent of an igloo and transparent. The frame consists of triangular parts to which a protective film is attached. In this way, views of the garden are offered at any time. The film may not necessarily be attached.

Instead, the scaffolding can be covered with a special mosquito net. This is especially beneficial for the summer because so fresh air and pleasant breezes in the garden pavilion can reach as canopy, while being protected by annoying insects.

The garden pavilion as a canopy is not only suitable for designing a seating area. You can also use it as a greenhouse or create a place to play for the kids, set up a read corner or a conservatory . And with a height of just over 2 meters, the pavilion also offers plenty of space for all these things. We present new ideas in future posts. See you soon!