Cozy Permanent Gazebo For Deck

Build Permanent Gazebo For Deck

You want to install a permanent gazebo for deck next to your pool or in your garden to shelter you from the sun’s rays? The word gazebo is an anglicism used to designate a type of sun shelter for the garden. This large folder, dedicated to the gazebo, images of different structures of this type, installed at the edge of a swimming pool. But let’s first try to see what a gazebo is more specifically.

It is a type of structure or sun shelter that can also be used as an entertainment corner for guests, for the installation of a summer kitchen or for an outdoor bar. This kind of sun shelter is therefore extremely versatile and can be used to meet different needs. Gazebo and contemporary pavilion for garden with swimming pool.

Unlike other types of garden shelters, the gazebo is an independent and autonomous structure that is not attached to another building. It can have a different size depending on the space of the garden. This kind of sun shelter can be built using different materials. When in wood, it can look like an independent pergola and, like the pergola, it can be decorated with different fabrics and curtains.