Creative Baluster Turned Legs Furniture

Baluster Turned Legs Bench

The baluster turned legs refers to the combination of balusters, baseboards and handrails that together form the system that encloses one or both sides of a staircase, terrace or demarcation. As you begin the process of building your own balustrade, you will need to know the various components of a railing system: the posts or pillars, the wedges for the stairs, the baseboards and handrails, the balusters, etc. For that reason we are going to begin to see the fundamental part of a balustrade, as is the baluster.

The balustrade consists of several balusters evenly spaced and connected together; by the base and the railing, to form a decorative railing. A baluster is “a short pillar or column, typically of decorative design,” which is installed in a series that holds a plinth. The shapes of a baluster, like its material, can vary and there are many styles, dimensions and materials in which they are made.

The balusters have several purposes in the overall structure. They are in charge of joining the handrail and the plinth as pillars by giving support and union between them. Second, they act as a safety feature by eliminating the excess space for which someone could fall into a vacuum. And thirdly, they provide additional style and decoration in the form of ornamentation to the railing, making a decorative structure.