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Balusters Iron Stair Rail Shapes

Stairs with elegant railings are often the focal point of a room. Railing can be an opportunity to pause from a traditional look and try a newer design. Design elements used in railings can often be repeated in other areas of the home, such as balconies, decks or mezzanines. Wrought iron balusters home depot design can be modern or classic, and is popular in inspired decor and for use in spiral stairs. Although custom-made wrought iron stair railings can be expensive, an advantage on wrought iron is its durability.

Wood and iron can create a dramatic effect both hot and fat at the same time. Often, these railing systems can be purchased in sections the hand rail is made of wood and spindles are cast iron. These systems generally require professional installation because of the cut involved at specific angles properly installing and securing the railing.

Typically, this type of handrail is designed for straight or long stairs with a landing between stairs. As with almost any type of stair railing, custom-made is available. Wood railings are the most common in residential construction and are typically oak or maple. Oak handrails are easier to install because the wood is not as hard as maple so it is not so difficult to nail or screw to secure the floor and stairs.