Good Gazebo Bird Feeder Pole Mounted

Big Bird Houses

Gazebo bird feeder pole mounted may not be in full sun or rain. Therefore, hang the entrance opening preferably eastwards, north to south east is also good, as long as it is aimed at the light. Birds love morning sun in the nest opening. The nest with any young birds is then warmed up in the morning sun, but then hangs in the shade in the hottest part of the day. West and southwest we do not recommend due to rain and prevailing wind direction!

Have you been hanging a birdhouse for years where no bird is coming in … the direction of movement may not be well … hanging … and who knows the next breeding season a litter with youngsters!  If a nesting box is hung under a roof, eaves or carport, there is less chance of raining in and heating by direct sunlight.

The direction of the flight opening is then of less importance. Provide a free approach path without branches and leaves in front of the entrance opening. A tree or higher shrub in the neighborhood is very desirable because of the departure and flying of the parents and the flying out of the boy. And they find protection and food there.