How Do I Weigh Gazebo Pop Up Tent

Black Pop Up Canopy Tent

Gazebo pop up tent is popular for parties, weddings and other functions. They can be dressed with candles and look through nets for special events. Or simply used to provide protection against sun, wind and rain. Either way, it’s important to put gazebos down with ropes or gazebo feet weights to prevent it from toppling over in the wind. Otherwise you can find your gazebo sitting up and down in your neighbor’s garden or blowing away.


Decide if you put gazebo pop up tent on a hard surface or in the ground. If you place gazebos on a hard surface, such as coating, buy gazebo feet weights. Alternatively, you can securely tie ropes to dense concrete blocks or heavy bags of peas single. Place the gazebo in a sheltered place if possible to make it less vulnerable to storm damage. If you use plastic gazebo weights, fill each with sand or water to make the gazebo more stable.

Place the plastic gazebo weights around the gazebo legs according to the instructions given with the weights. Make sure you place the gazebo on flat ground otherwise the weights may tip over and cause damage. Use a rubber mallet to knock them in hard ground. In windy conditions, it can help to use gazebo feet and straps to keep your gazebo stable. If the gazebo is likely to be in a populated area, it may be best to use the gazebo feet instead of the guy wires to prevent people from tripping over them. Alternatively, highlight colorful ribbon ropes to help them stand out or use fluorescent tape to make them visible in the dark.