How Do It Yourself Gazebo Ideas

Cedar Gazebo Roof

You have a garden and landscapes to be proud of, and now you need a spectacular way to share it with friends and family. Do it yourself gazebo is not only a nice place to relax with loved ones, but will make a beautiful addition to any garden landscape. You can buy a gazebo kit or build from scratch. Plan for the job to take two to three days, gather some friends to help and use the following steps to guide you through the process.


Building the base of Gazebo

Design do it yourself gazebo or acquire design plans through a vendor. There are several websites online that offer free gazebo construction drawings). Make sure you determine the measurements for all the pieces of wood. Purchase wood ready cut from a local hardware store or cut it yourself. Most hardware stores will cut wood pieces for you if what they have available doesn’t really fit the dimensions you need. Your measurements depend on the work plan you use.

Decide where you will put the design gazebo. Measure the surface to match the gazebo plans and mark the outer edge of the gazebo location with the landscape marking color. Clear the area of ​​plants and large rocks. With a post whole screw, dig 30-inch holes where each of the posts will go. The number of services you use matches the number of pages to the gazebo, which is typically six or eight. Place wooden gazebo inserts in the holes and with ready-mixed concrete. Use a level to ensure that services are level and level. Keep the posts needed to make sure they stay in place. Allow the concrete to dry, which usually takes at least 24 hours before continuing.