How To Decorate The Allen & Roth Gazebo

Metal Gazebo Assembly Instructions

Allen & Roth Gazebo – Gazebos are covered structures that provide a place to rest and enjoy the shade in a garden or patio. Arbors are often round or octagonal and are open on all sides. If you already have a viewpoint but are looking for a way to update or create a new image, you can easily do it with a little time and creativity. Here are some ideas to help you along.

If your gazebo is in good condition, but lacks personality, adding plants in and around it will instantly color life and beauty. Although arbors bring natural elegance to a garden space, they tend to look raw if they are lacking in plant life. A simple way to bring color to your gazebo is to place hanging plants at intervals around the gazebo. For a uniform look, choose a simple flower that will grow well, like red impatiens.

Another gazebo project is easy with the landscape around the gazebo with large bushes, with flowers. Choose something simple, depending on your climate, such as hydrangeas or azaleas. If you plant them all the way around the gazebo, leaving only the room to enter, your kiosk will instantly look more settled in your yard. If you want to try a more fun and casual look, sunflowers of wild plants or zinnias all the way around the gazebo. Both types of flowers will grow tall and unimpeded, creating a wild garden aspect, without restrictions.