How To Side Mounted Balusters

Glass Mounted Balusters

Side mounted balusters are a necessary precaution in all homes with stairs. The handrail provides support for small children and those who have problems with stairs. Stair handrails can be made of wood, or a finished metal that fits your style. Metal railings include polished brass, nickel and stainless steel. These instructions on how to install a staircase handrail will also help you fix a loose or weakened handrail.


Measure the stairs to determine the length of the mounted balusters you will need to buy. The railing should extend just beyond the top and bottom steps. Locate the studs in the wall along the staircase with the help of a rule detector. Mark the studs on the wall about 36 inches above the stairs with the pen. Cut the handrail using a miter saw at a 45 degree angle. This will give you a clean way to connect a short piece that will be parallel to the floor at the top of the stairs.

Glue long pieces of railing to the short piece of side balusters using wood glue or epoxy. Allow the glue to dry before moving. Keep the railing up to the wall along the lines where you marked the slats. Mark again on the wall just below the railing along each bolt mark to determine where each console needs to be placed. Screw the brackets into the wall. Two brackets need to be screwed into the top, one at the bottom and one every 48 inches along the studs between them. Screw the brackets into the railing.