Installing Concrete Balusters Home Depot

Supplier Faux Concrete Balusters

With concrete measures it is not always easy to attach a railing. The concrete balusters home depot requires a percussion drill to effectively create the holes in the concrete. All materials for constructing the handrail are available on most home improvement and hardware stores. Drill hammer is available for rent at tool delivery stores if you do not want to buy one for the project.


Purchase two or more 36-inch metal bars that support the handrail. Plans to have a pole for every five concrete balusters. Place one of the poles horizontally in a vise and pull it completely. Measure 3 inches from the end and drill a 3/8-inch hole through the entire tube. Get the whole straight through the tube, and not angled in any way. Place additional holes through the other end of the tube and 2 inches from the edge.

Measure the width of one of the steps to find the center point and make a pencil mark. Place a metal mounting bracket 1 inch from the edge concrete balusters and directly over the center point. Draw the placement of the bracket mounting holes with a pen and remove the bracket. Insert a 3/8-inch masonry piece into a hammer drill and place a little over one of the concrete hole marks. Drill the holes at least 18 inches deep and perfectly vertical with no angle on either side. Repeat this process for all other mounting holes. Install an anchor bolt in one of the mounting holes and hammer it down into place. Place anchors in each of the other holes and hammer them in place as well.