Installing Tips Of Replacement Tops For Gazebo Canopy

Walmart Gazebo 10×10

Replacement Tops For Gazebo Canopy – Each time you set up a portable outdoor gazebo, pull the cover over the corners of the frame and extend it forcefully before exposing it to the sun. All of these things put pressure on the fabric and cause the cover to perform faster than the frame. Even if the old cover is badly damaged, you can sew a new cover to fit your particular vantage point, by plotting the pattern to make a pattern.

Remove the lid and legs of the hut to make it easier to handle. Place the hut upside down on a large sheet of paper so one of the triangular sections of the roof is flat on the paper. Trace along the lines where the edges of the frame touch the paper. You will have a big triangle. Measure the length and width of one of the rectangles that form the sides of the top of the frame. Add the tabs to the patterns by drawing a line 5/8 of an inch away from all sides of the triangle and rectangle. Cut four triangles and four rectangles of heavy outer cloth.

Pass a sewing machine with upholstery thread and sew the side edges of two of the triangles together. Sew the other two triangles together in the same way. You have made the two halves of the top part of the cover. Make a fabric ring by stitching the short ends of the rectangular pieces together, using flat cut seams. Fold up 5/8 inch at the bottom edge of the cover. Cut four strips of nylon strips 12 inches longer than the legs of the gazebo. Sew the strips securely to the corners of the cover.